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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Naked Man Parking Lot Rampage

According to the Los Angeles Times, a suspect was apprehended in Anaheim after he crashed naked through the back window of a car. The car was parked in an apartment complex lot and the incident was caught on surveillance video. The posted surveillance footage shows a woman getting into her car. Then the naked man is seen running toward the parked car she is in. He runs straight though the closed back window of the minivan next to her car. The man lands head first into the back window and almost half of his body makes it into the car. He falls out and rolls on the floor as the woman reverses out of her spot next to the minivan. The suspect gets up and runs toward the lady in her car and jumps on her car while she tries to drive off. As she drives away the suspect falls off the hood back onto the parking lot floor. Other people witnessed him getting up and leaving the scene. Anaheim PD found him and arrested him. He was taken to UCI Medical Center for his injuries. It is unclear why the suspect was acting in such an erratic manner. The most extraordinary thing about the case was that the whole incident was caught on video. Criminal Law Updates by the Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo (714) 547-4636

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