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Monday, December 9, 2013

LAPD Effort To Limit Auto Impounds Is Voided By Judge

Mike Feuer
Mike Feuer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer will appeal a judge’s ruling against the police department’s vehicle impound policy. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck had developed a policy, Special Order 7, regarding vehicle impounds for unlicensed drivers. If the unlicensed driver has insurance, a valid identification card and no record for unlicensed driving, then the vehicle will not be impounded. Those representing the police officers had sued against the policy, explaining that it attempted to override California Law. Police Chief Beck explained on October 27, that officers were told to disregard Special Order 7.

According to the L.A. Times, City Attorney Feuer was going to ask an appeals court to set aside the judge’s ruling while the appeal process takes place. The L.A. Times also reported October 3, 2013, that Governor Brown has signed a bill granting undocumented immigrants a driver’s license. The license will give a person a driving privilege but would not be acceptable for federal use, employment or to receive “public benefits.”

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