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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sentencing Reopened for Max Factor Heir

Andrew Luster is the great-grandson of cosmetics magnate, Max Factor. Luster was accused of plying three women with the rape drug GBH and then raping them and videotaping the act. He bailed out at 1 million dollars and fled to Mexico. In a situation made for Hollywood the bounty hunter and reality TV star Duane “Dog” Chapman captured him in Mexico and returned him to the United States.

Mr. Luster was convicted and sentenced to 124 years in prison at trial in 2003. Since his conviction his lawyers have tried to reopen the case and have asked for a new trial. While those efforts were denied by the Judge sitting in Ventura County where the original trial was held, the court did recently agree to reopen the sentencing portion of the trial. The rationale being that the sentencing appeared to be excessive and improperly made. Prior to trial Mr. Luster may have been offered an 8-12 year sentence according to his Defense team.

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