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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Police Suspect Same Person Of Stabbing Three Homeless Persons In Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Police Department’s robbery and homicide division are investigating three stabbing incidents. One incident occurred in Santa Monica the other two in Los Angeles. Three homeless people were stabbed by one suspect. According to the Los Angeles Times, police said they were searching for David Ben Keyes who has been missing from Santa Barbara. Now police state that the suspect’s real name is Courtney Anthony Robinson. The three victims survived the attacks. Two weapons have been recovered each from a different crime scene. One a black kitchen knife used in the Hollywood incident where a homeless woman was stabbed while she slept. The other was a hunting knife from the first attack on July 4th, the victim had been struck between the shoulder blades. The knife was still inserted in his back when he was helped. Notes have been left at all three sites. A note with the words “death warrants” and the suspect’s signature have been confirmed at two of the crime scenes.

Here is an NBC Los Angeles news report covering Mr. Robinson turning himself into LAPD.

If you are having trouble viewing this video, you can see it here.  

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