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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Orange County Boyfriend and Father Faces Murder Charges

Shazer Fernando Limas has been charged with the stabbing death of the mother of his sons in Anaheim, Orange County California. His two children, one year old Fernando and three month old Emanuel are missing. Lima is being charged with their deaths as well. There are no clues suggesting where the boys are or if they are still alive. Relatives and authorities had been searching for Contreras and hoping to hear from her. Her body was found on April 25th next to a gutter covered by a tarp. Authorities are stipulating that Limas had stabbed her and their sons to death on April 14th. A cleaning crew discovered blood under the carpet, on the walls and on the floor at Limas’ apartment. He had moved out on April 28th and had been arrested on May 3rd after a high-speed chase that started near John Wayne Airport and ended near the San Clemente Border Patrol checkpoint. He faces sentencing enhancements for multiple murders and use of a deadly weapon which can result in his being sentenced to death.

Watch KABC Los Angeles News coverage of this story:

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