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Friday, February 3, 2012

Arrest in Homeless Killings

A suspect was arrested just before the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend for the killings of three homeless men. The suspect is Itzcoatl Ocampo a 23 year old Yorba Linda resident and former Marine. The LA Times says that his family is shocked by the accusation. They go on to explain that Ocampo would spend his time at the Yorba Linda Library searching job listings. Three homeless men had been stabbed to death in less than a month. Local authorities worked with the FBI once it was believed that there was one person responsible for the three killings. Road blocks were placed and Ocampo actually passed through them twice before he was finally arrested.

The last and fourth incident occurred in front of a Carl’s Jr. where witnesses called police, and found Ocampo at a mobile home park. He was arrested and had blood on his hands and face. All the victims had multiple stab wounds, from 40 to over 60 in some cases. The wounds were to the head and torso. Ocampo is being charged with murder with special circumstances which includes a possible death sentence if he is found convicted.

Here is a KTLA5 News video.

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