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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Orange County Inmates Guilty of Killing Fellow Inmate

Five inmates from Theo Lacey have been found guilty of second degree murder. The jury had to initially decide if the inmates were guilty of first degree murder but could not come to a unanimous decision. Judge James Stotler then had jurors decide between second degree murder and involuntary or voluntary manslaughter. The trial stems from the death of John Chamberlain who was himself an inmate and was beaten to death by other inmates. He initially survived his injuries and was breathing out of a tube. His eyes were swollen shut with various fractures. He eventually succumbed to his injuries and charges were brought. The controversy during the trial was that defense attorneys suggested that sheriff deputies authorized the beating by telling other inmates the victim was a child molester. The victim and inmate, John Chamberlain was awaiting charges for misdemeanor charges of possessing child pornography. At least one Orange County Sheriff Deputy was relieved of his position but none were prosecuted.

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