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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No ‘Compassionate’ Release for Cop Killer

A doctor told the state parole board that Gregory Powell, a 78 year old inmate, is dying of prostate cancer and has 6 months to live possibly less than that. It was the inmate’s last attempt in requesting parole since his illness makes him eligible for a compassionate release. During the hearing no one spoke on his behalf and the board denied his release. The Los Angeles Times also reports that authorities said that the inmate would rather not be released. Powell is serving time for the execution style death of a police officer. Police officer Ian Campbell and Karl Hettinger pulled over Powell and another individual Jimmy Lee Smith. According to the article Powell aimed a weapon at Officer Campbell who then handed over his own gun. Officer Hettinger was also made to turn over his weapon. The two men then took the officers to an onion field close to Bakersfield. Officer Hettinger managed to escape Campbell did not. Campbell’s relatives and members of law enforcement prefer that Powell not escape his fate and that he die in prison.

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Here is an ABC7 Video covering this decision.

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