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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

33 Police Weapons Stolen

LAPD is investigating a break in at a SWAT training site. The building was once used by textile business and had been donated to SWAT. According to reports, a training exercise was going to take place on the site and the day before guns were placed inside locked doors. 21 MP-5 submachine guns and a dozen .45 caliber handguns were placed in a locked box and then found to be missing the next day. The building does not have surveillance cameras or an alarm system. The intruders got through bolt locked doors and a metal roll gate. The weapons have been manipulated so that they only shoot blanks, but adjusting them to shoot live rounds is relatively easy for someone knowledgeable about weapons. LAPD detectives are working every angle whether it might have been an inside job or if the building had been under surveillance. Authorities have been informed of the theft in order to be aware of the possible danger they could face during an incident should the weapons fall into the wrong hands.

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