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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fugitives Should not Update their Facebook Page!

Social networking sites provide a way of meeting people you do not come across in your daily routine. You can control the amount of information you can make public to strangers coming across your page. Apparently police officials have also caught on to this fountain of information. Authorities in Virginia had been searching for an alleged gang member wanted in stabbing. After talking to anybody who might know where he was police still did not have a location for him. Then they turned to the internet and found his Facebook page. The suspect had not limited certain information to the public. His basic information, phone number and e-mail address was listed. Also, the location they were trying so hard to find was right there on the screen, New Orleans, Louisiana. Police and ICE Agents pin pointed him in Mandeville, Louisiana a city less than an hour away from New Orleans. The suspect was arrested as a result of the information he put on Facebook and will be transported back to Virginia to face charges.

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