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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Suspects in Bryan Stow Beating

New suspects have been detained in the beating of Bryan Stow that took place after a Dodgers game.  The Los Angeles Police Department has officially exonerated the previous suspect, Giovanni Ramirez.  The two new suspects are from Rialto and were with a female and her son at Dodger Stadium.  The on-going investigation limits what details are given, but the LA Times reports that the information regarding the suspects was gathered from several hundred tips given to the police.  The Robbery- Homicide Division has taken over the investigation since June.  They are also explaining that there might have been other fans the pair harassed.  Authorities are urging these people to come forward.  The girlfriend of one of the suspects, Marvin Norwood has allegedly spoken to police implicating him and her brother Louie Sanchez.  Norwood’s attorney and his mother say he is not guilty.
The only defense to an accusation of this type is self defense. That is, defense of self or others. The Defense must also be reasonable. As such, a person being threatened by a gun cannot shoot his assailant with a gun.  More than likely, if formal charges are brought the defendants will be facing felony battery charges with an enhancement for great-bodily-injury.  Penal Code Section 243(d), Battery with Gross Bodily Injury.

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