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Friday, July 15, 2011

‘Caylee’s Law’ will Make a Crime of Failing to Report

In response to Casey Anthony’s acquittal lawmakers in Florida, New York, West Virginia and Oklahoma are preparing to create a law that requires the immediate notification to the authorities of a child’s death or disappearance. The idea started as an online petition on the website What is being called Caylee’s Law would make it a crime if the parent or guardian does not report a child’s death within the hour. It would also be a crime if the guardian or parent does not report a child’s disappearance. In the Anthony case Florida does not have such a law, therefore the District Attorney could not charge her for failing to report. While Anthony’s behavior was suspicious, apparently there was not enough for a jury to convict her of murder. It is hoped that creation of this new law will cause more responsible parenting if not avoiding an outcome as unfortunate as the one that befell little Caylee Anthony.

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Here is an MSNBC news video about Caylee’s Law

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