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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Orange County Teenagers Dead from Overdose

Autopsies have identified that the cause of death of two teenagers was accidental overdose. Their bodies were found by police on January 21 2011. One victim was a 16 year old female from Huntington Beach named Chelsea A. Taylor. The autopsy revealed a combination of drugs in her system that caused her death and the death of her 15 year old male companion Aaron Saenz. Both had methadone, hydroxyalprazolam, and alprazolam. Methadone is used to treat pain and withdrawal symptoms from heroin addiction. Alprazolam is commonly use to treat depression, anxiety disorder and panic attacks; the most popular brand is Xanax. Hydroxyalprazolam is found in anti-depression medication. Saenz had doxylamine in his system, a sedative for treating insomnia. Taylor had a blood alcohol level of .03, and ethanol in her system. Officials found an empty can of the controversial Four Loko drink. Their bodies were found in an empty apartment building by a passer-by. There was no information regarding how the teens got the drugs.

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