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Monday, May 16, 2011

Defense Lawyers Want Lid on DA’s Office in Irvine 11 Case

Defense attorneys have filed a motion that would limit the public statements given by the District Attorney’s office in regards to the on-going case against 11 UC Irvine students. The motion argues that chief of staff for Orange County District Attorney, Susan Kang Schroeder and Assistant D.A. Dan Wagner have made public statements that were “ethically irresponsible”. It is also argued that Mr. Wagner acted inappropriately by offering his personal opinion that the students were guilty. Ms. Kang Schroeder and Mr. Wagner have both expressed their disagreement with the motion. Later this month the motion will be heard, in addition to another motion requesting that the transcripts from the grand jury investigation be excluded from evidence in the eventual trial. On June 17 a motion to recuse the District Attorney’s office from the case will be heard. All eleven students are charged with one count of conspiracy to disturb a meeting and one count of disturbing a meeting. Both charges are misdemeanors that come with a six months jail sentence, or community service, probation or fines. See, Penal Code Sections 415, 415.5 and 416.

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