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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Orange County Dad Attacks Two Sons, Evades Police and is Arrested

A family dispute in Costa Mesa resulted in an arrest of the father of two sons. The mother of the two, who was not present at the scene, called police stating that her husband had hit the younger son. Police arrived and after speaking with the brothers, one a 28-year old and the other 17-years old, took them into the police car. The eldest had a gash on his forehead after his dad allegedly hit him with a ceramic floor tile. The Costa Mesa PD was told that the father had left in his pick-up truck. Investigations suggest that the father had gotten into an argument with his sons. There were no details as to why the father got so upset. Then he hit his teenage son and also used the tile to hit the eldest. The father, Donald Greene, then wielded a gun in front of the sons and fired a round in the garage. As the younger Greenes were sitting in the marked police car Mr. Greene was being chased by police and crashed into the parked police vehicle containing his sons. Mr. Greene sustained major injuries. Police add that the suspect has also made a statement that he wanted to hurt himself as he crashed into his sons. Penal Code Sections 273a(a), 273a(b), [child abuse], 245(a)(1) [Assault with a deadly weapon], 246.3 [Negligent Discharge of a Weapon], Vehicle Code Section 2800.1 [Evading a Police Officer]

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