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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lindsey Lohan in Trouble Again!

Lindsay Lohan is under investigation for possible involvement in a jewelry theft case. The incident stems from a gold necklace worth $2,500 that disappeared from a Venice jewelry store. The Los Angeles Police Department obtained a search warrant for Ms. Lohan’s home, but the necklace was returned to a police station before officers searched the Lohan residence. The necklace was returned by an associate of Ms. Lohan’s. According to one website the owner of the store has pictures and video of Ms. Lohan wearing the necklace. Also, there may have been an issue as to whether the owner of the jewelry loaned the piece to Ms. Lohan. Ms. Lohan is currently on probation for a drunk driving case. Riverside County officials are also investigating the actress for an alleged assault incident at the Betty Ford Center. An employee at the rehabilitation center stated that Lohan shoved her, but she is declining to press charges.

The new theft case brings Ms. Lohan’s legal problems up a notch because now she can be charged with a felony and faces a maximum of three years in prison for the offense. While it is very unlikely that she would serve anything close to the maximum time in prison, her past record of violating her probation and generally failing to comply with the terms of her probation could subject her to a much harsher sentence then a first time theft offender. See Penal Code Sections 459, 487(a), 240-242.

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Here is an MSNBC News Video Discussing Ms. Lohan’s latest charges:

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