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Thursday, February 3, 2011

38th Street Gang Raided by Authorities

Sometimes what happens in Los Angeles seems like the stuff only Hollywood could imagine. Members of one of the most notorious and oldest gangs in Los Angeles, the 38th Street gang, were arrested in a federal indictment alleging murder and drug trafficking. Early morning raids, involving 800 law enforcement officers, resulted in the documentation of various plots, including a 14 year old girl being directed to shoot a rival gang member as part of her initiation, and a raid in which gang members dressed themselves as FBI agents, shooting themselves into a South Gate home. The pre-dawn raids, conducted by LAPD, agents from the DEA and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives resulted in 37 arrests on federal charges, and 20 more on state weapons and narcotics charges.

Authorities seized about 7 kilograms of cocaine, a pound of methamphetamines, 23 firearms and a quarter million in cash. Allegedly the gang imports drugs from Mexico, and provided “street level” distribution in their gang territory.

If convicted, the defendants face punishment under California Health and Safety Code 11379 and 11372. See, also Penal Code Sections 273a(a), 211 and 186.22.

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Here is news video from KABC-TV Los Angeles:

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