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Monday, January 31, 2011

Orange County Teenager Suspected in Robbery Shot by Officer

Orange County Police followed a vehicle suspected of being used in a robbery. When the police approached the vehicle one of the teenage suspects stabbed an officer who then shot the teenager dead. The remaining two suspects then fled in the vehicle before they were stopped again and arrested. All three teenagers had prior records. The suspect who was killed had priors for auto theft, assault and burglary. The driver was on probation for robbery, vandalism and auto theft. The remaining teenager, a female, was also on probation. All three were sixteen years of age. Under current law the two juveniles can be charged with anything the deceased teenage did if it was reasonably related to the crimes they were committing together. Juveniles can be tried in adult court if the District Attorney finds that the crimes were serious enough to warrant such treatment. See, Welfare and Institutions Code Section 602, Penal Code Sections 245(a) (1) [Assault with a Deadly Weapon] 243(c) (2) [Battery on a Peace Officer].

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Here is Orange County Register video coverage of the incident.

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