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Friday, December 10, 2010

More Than Football

Tailgating at the USC-UCLA football game on Saturday provided something more then a loss for the Bruins. Police responded to a fight that broke out in the parking lot. Witnesses explained that the fight started because someone had thrown a football that unintentionally hit another group's vehicle. The L.A. Times described that it took police officers 15 minutes to disperse the brawling crowd of less then 70 people. A man who was arrested on Saturday on suspicion of attempted murder was released yesterday. His three children however were arrested on Monday, while two men arrested on Saturday are still being held. One victim was stabbed seven times in the back and was sent to intensive care according to a witness. Another man was stabbed in the jaw, his brother explains that the tip of the knife is still in the wound. The only justification for hitting someone or using a knife on them is if you are acting in defense of yourself or others. The means you use to defend yourself must be reasonable. Generally, you cannot defend against someone using their fists with a gun. Police continue to investigate the incident. See, Penal Code Sections 664-187, 245(a)(1), 242, 240.

Here is video coverage from (KABC-TV, Los Angeles, CA)

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