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Friday, December 24, 2010

Family Claims Long Beach Victim of Police Shooting Holding a Water Spigot

An officer involved shooting has a family questioning the Long Beach Police Department's actions. On Sunday, December 12, police responded to a call that there was a drunken individual holding a gun. When police arrived the man was seated in front of a house holding what looked like a gun. He allegedly pointed the gun at officers and they responded by shooting him in the torso. He died at the scene. The family of the 35 year old man have reported that they will be conducting there own investigation. They hired a private company to examine and photograph the body and to assess the crime scene. They plan to sue the Long Beach Police Department for wrongful death. The L.A. Times has posted a picture of a water spigot which the family claims the police mistakenly thought was a gun. Penal Code Sections 245(a)(1), 187.

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Here is a Channel 5 News Video coverage on this story:


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