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Monday, December 6, 2010

Explosives Found at Convict's Home

A controlled burn is planned for a house in Escondido where a significant amount of explosives and explosive materials were found. The owner of the house, who is an out of work software consultant, was taken into custody. During his police interview he stated that he had robbed three San Diego banks. There is no report on the suspect's motive for having such dangerous materials in his possession. The suspect is George D. Jakubec a 54-year old on probation for a burglary conviction. Authorities investigated the residence after a landscaper was injured while stepping in the backyard. The worker stepped on a land mine type device and the detonation caused him cuts, burns, and bruises. Neighbors will be evacuated and a portion of Interstate 5 will be closed during the burn. Also agencies will closely monitor weather patterns in order to minimize complications during the burn. The operation is receiving assistance from the state since Governor Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency according to the Los Angeles Times.

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This is an ongoing story. Here is a video from


Here is an updated video from December 9, 2010, via KUSI NEWS Channel, San Diego

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