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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teenagers Accused of Hit and Run Kill Pedestrian and Crash into School Bus

A crash involving a school bus in Boyle Heights has left 21 injured and remains under investigation. The crash occurred at an intersection when a black BMW ran a red light, hit a pedestrian then rear ended a school bus with students from Roosevelt High. The pedestrian died and there was no description for the injuries sustained by the 21 students. When the BMW slammed into the bus the driver and passengers ran out of the car. The driver who is 17 years old and his 14 year old passenger were detained by construction workers until police arrived. The third passenger was detained at a hospital while seeking medical attention for injuries from the car accident. The driver allegedly ran a red light and police are investigating if he was under the influence, possibly from narcotics or glue sniffing. There were no details given regarding what were the observed signs of possible intoxication but the CHP collected blood samples from all three passengers. The driver could face a hit and run manslaughter charge and Drunk Driving if evidence suggests that he had been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. See, Penal Code Section 192.5 and Vehicle Code Sections 23153 (a) (b) and 20001, 20002 and 20003. 

Here is an Associated Press video regarding this story.

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  1. If you commit an ‘adult-sized crime’ you should be tried as an adult. This boy was definitely old enough to know better. If he doesn’t face harsh punishment now he may be more apt to be a repeat offender later. If he learns the hard way from this experience he may be better off for it later.