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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sisters Rob Store, One Shoots Herself in Orange County

Two armed sisters robbed a pet shop and bakery in Fullerton which ended in one of them behind bars and the other sister died from a self inflicted gunshot wound. Calen Kawakami had purchased a 9mm semi-automatic pistol a week before the robbery. Kimiko Gomi, 18 years old, and her 22 year old sister were both from Massachusetts according to the Orange County Register. It was not stated how much money was taken, only that they left the shop and pointed the gun at a driver in the parking lot. The man drove them out of the shopping center and they were eventually pulled over by police. Kawakami was in the front seat and had the weapon, while her younger sister was in the back seat. Police asked for them to all get out of the car and did not approach the vehicle, they did not know if those inside had anything to do with the robbery. Police then heard a gunshot, and that was when Kawakami shot herself in the head. Gomi was arrested and is charged with one count second degree robbery, with an armed firearm enhancement, one second degree burglary , and kidnapping, all three counts are felonies. See, Penal Code Section 211.

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