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Friday, September 10, 2010

Deceased Infants Found in Chest From 1930s

Los Angeles Police Department is trying to piece together a mystery from decades ago. The bodies of two infants were found wrapped in newspapers from 1935 and 1937, in a trunk forgotten in a basement of a Westlake Apartment building. There are no signs of trauma on the bodies from an autopsy report; one is of a newborn and the other a premature or aborted fetus. To find more information the agency will do a forensic examination to try and determine a cause of death. A DNA test will reveal if the two were related and maybe who the mother was. The investigation has not determined if there was a crime committed which means that any DNA gathering would have to be voluntarily. Police suspect that the infants may have been the result of an abortion carried out at a time when such practices were illegal.

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