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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Andrew Gallo's Trial

Video surveillance was presented to the jury in the case of Andrew Gallo, who is on trial for three counts of second degree murder, various enhancements for inflicting great bodily harm and one misdemeanor related to driving under the influence. In the video surveillance of a Covina bar, Gallo and his step brother Raymond Rivera are seen drinking five beers, and four shots of rice-wine. According to the Orange County Register two of the beers were served in a glass that can hold three pints. Also the prosecution explained that the pair had stopped previously at two other locations where they had beers and shots as well. After Covina, they walked to another bar and had at least one beer and one shot. When officials took Gallo's blood alcohol level, it was .22 almost three times the legal limit. The prosecution is pressing for murder charges because of Gallo's previous DUI's, arguing that he was well aware of the risk and potential dangers of drinking and driving. See, Vehicle Code Section 23153 (a) (b).

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Here is a video from the Orange County Register with opposing attorneys discussing the case:

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