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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Orange County Murderer Kept Victim-Daughter In Motor Home Freezer

Clarence E. Butterfield was convicted for the murder of his 21 year old daughter after her body was found in his motor home. The vehicle had been impounded due to Butterfield's arrest in another matter and authorities found the body in the freezer of the motor home. The body had been in the freezer for two years with signs of multiple bullet entries, no clothes and hog-tied. Butterfield testified that he had found his daughter’s body as described in the bathroom area. He explained to the court that he believed there was a possibility his daughter could resurrect so he kept the body. According to the Orange County Register during his cross-examination he asked the D.A. questions, rambled on at times and was being belligerent with the District Attorney to the point where a recess was called to cool things off.

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