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Friday, July 16, 2010

All-Star Game DO NOTS

As the All-Star Game neared, Anaheim was getting ready for the crowds of people coming to enjoy the great American pastime. Law enforcement worked to maintain these five days of baseball family friendly. Security was a concern with the roughly 100,000 people expected to arrive in Anaheim. When attending the events at the stadium the general rules of game day apply but a little stricter. According to an article in the OC Register, Major League Baseball's vice president of security Earnell Lucas explained that anything that airport security prohibits would also be prohibited at the stadium. Alcohol is not allowed in the parking lots, and law enforcement will cite those that violate the rules. RV’s and trailers would only be allowed at the Honda Center parking lot and shuttles would take people to Angels Stadium. Police were also on the lookout for ticket scalpers and unauthorized merchandise. Tickets are to be purchased by authorized vendors to avoid counterfeits. Merchandise should have the MLB iridescent silver sticker. With all that in mind...let’s play ball!!

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Here is a video from Trade the Trend Channel discussing MLB 2010 All-Star Game Wrap-Up and George Steinbrenner

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