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Friday, July 2, 2010

Gang Violence on the Rise in Orange County

On one single afternoon last month, there were three shootings involving three teenage boys in the city of Santa Ana. That onset of violence and a recent "surge" in gang attacks have gotten police weary of the troublesome summer that lies ahead. Problems get worse in the summer since kids are out of school and hanging out on the streets.

Santa Ana is the biggest city in Orange County and also has the most crime and most gangs, numbering around 100. Officers will be greatly outnumbered in trying to contain the 5,000 documented gang members, as currently, the department is down from an authorized 403 sworn officers to just 362.

Sgt. Lorenzo Carrillo, head of the city's gang investigative unit stated that they will primarily focus on trying to control the number of "violent" incidents. However, the fight against gangs "goes beyond our police department and enforcement and arrests," Councilwoman Michele Martinez said. "That's not going to solve our gang problem. It starts at home and in the community." See Penal Code Section 186.22

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Here is an OCinTwo Orange County Register video about the continued gang violence and Santa Ana Police budget constraints.

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