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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Killer Roosters

Spurs give the Roosters a more lethal strike. (Bangkok Post)

Several birds and blades were confiscated during a search at a residence and restaurant. According to the Orange County Register 827 birds were taken from a Fullerton resident at a property outside of Orange County. At his Anaheim restaurant blades were found which are tied to a rooster's talons when fighting other birds. Also taken into evidence were ribbons and awards given to the suspect for cockfighting events. Similar fighting blades were found at the man's Fullerton home. In total there were 669 blades confiscated according to the San Diego County animal services. The suspect can face misdemeanor charges per each blade and charges of possession of birds with intent to fight according to the article. A spokesperson for San Diego animal services also explained that the birds were euthanized since they were trained and bred to kill other birds. This is not the first time authorities have seized roosters from the suspect, however charges were not filed at that time.

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