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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Driving Instructor Guilty of Lewd Conduct in Orange County

An Orange County driving instructor, Golamreza Namdara, just pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of lewd conduct He was sentenced to 3 years of informal probation and received 22 weekends in jail. Luckily, the offense doesn't require him to register as a sex offender—a requirement most sexual offenses carry.

Namdara's charges stem from an incident in July 2009 where he made comments about the appearance of two teenage girls while giving them driving lessons. He even went on to ask them out on dates and encouraged one to drive to his home. However, he never exposed himself to them or touched them.

Namdara was charged with similar counts back in February when he made inappropriate comments to two girls. But when reaching the current plea agreement involving lewd conduct, those older charges were dropped. See, Penal Code Section 647(a)

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