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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Son Kills Parents In Orange County

29-year-old Jose Alonso Najera is currently on trial for a double murder. The victims are his parents, who were stabbed multiple times in their Garden Grove home on December 27, 1999. Najera's friend, Gerald Thomas Johnson, was already convicted and sentenced to life in prison without parole for the slayings after having left his DNA on a ski mask at the crime scene. However, prosecutors have now charged Najera for being the mastermind behind the double homicide.

Prosecutors have alleged that Najera, an only child, stole more than $18,000 of his parents' money and wanted them dead so he could inherit their life savings. Najera spent his time partying with his parents' money and spent the $18,000 on visits to a Santa Ana strip club. Prosecutors are alleging that Najera left a window open on the night of the murder, so Johnson could sneak in and kill Najera's parents.

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This is the second story covered in the OC inTwo video from the Orange Country Register.

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