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Friday, April 9, 2010

The McStay Family Mystery

There has been new information on the possible whereabouts of the McStay family. The four members including two young boys have been missing for three months. Their Fallbrook home had no evidence of their whereabouts or why they left. They have not contacted their relatives or family since early February. Michael McStay, Joseph McStay's brother, has received two e-mails explaining that his brother Joseph and his two kids were seen in a store located in an area close to the Gulf of Mexico, another e-mail states they were closer to the Pacific coast of Mexico. Video footage has been collected and there is footage of the family. One is from a surveillance camera from their neighbor's security camera in Fallbrook. The other footage is from a business close to the Mexican border showing the family crossing into Mexico. The Sheriff's Department has found that a computer in the McStay house was used to look up traveling to Mexico. The FBI has also joined the search for the family, while Michael McStay has planned to pass out fliers near the border over the weekend.

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Here is a video from FOXNews Channel

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