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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Orange County School Evacuated After Bomb Scare

A Huntington Beach High School student, in Orange County California, was arrested March 3, 2010 on two felony charges for possessing an imitation bomb (Penal Code Sections 12301, 12303, 12303.2, and 12303.3) and making criminal threats (Penal Code Section 422). Police were called to the school after a "suspicious" device was found in the student's backpack. Ultimately, the device was found not to be dangerous and the student explained it was simply a prop for a movie he was going to shoot after school. However, students were evacuated to the football stadium and back parking lots and were then dismissed from school for the rest of the day. The suspected student's home was searched pursuant to a search warrant and evidence was seized resulting in the student being booked at Orange County Juvenile Hall. After police investigation, the school will consider its own disciplinary action. The student's name or record will not be released since he is a juvenile whose discipline file is also confidential. Mr. Bruzzo practices only criminal law to include juvenile criminal law. Notably, these charges can also be misdemeanors. (Welfare and Institutions Code Section 602).

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Here is a March 3rd video from KABC-TV Los Angeles, CA

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