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Monday, February 1, 2010

Former Fire Chief Guilty of Beating Puppy

Glynn Johnson, a former Los Angeles County assistant fire chief, was found guilty in Riverside County Superior Court to charges of animal cruelty (California Penal Code Section 597(a)) and use of a deadly weapon (California Penal Code Section 12022) for beating a puppy to death outside his Riverside home. The deadly weapon used to kill the mixed breed shepherd, Karley, was a 12-pound rock. Johnson was accused of the crime after a long standing feud between him and his neighbors back in 2008 where he left dog feces in his neighbors' mailbox along with a letter warning them to keep their dogs off his property.

Weeks before Johnson's arrest, protesters from various animal-rights groups were gathering in front of the District Attorney's Office asking that Johnson be prosecuted. Johnson is now facing custody time as well as a hefty fine for his crime.

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