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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fake Doctor Sentenced to 9 Months in Orange County Jail

Daryn Wayne Peterson was recently sentenced to 9 months in the Orange County Jail for 'playing doctor' and claiming to heal cancer and AIDS with natural remedies. He treated patients from his Orange County home, telling them he had a doctorate from Canterbury University when he held no license to practice medicine in the state of California. He even encouraged his patients to cancel their health insurance policies.

Last December, Peterson pleaded guilty to four charges: (1) Unauthorized practice of medicine (B&P Section 2052(a)), (2) Operating a health care service plan without a license (H&S Section1349), (3) Offering an unapproved drug for cancer treatment (H&S Section109300), (4) Selling misbranded food (H&S Section110760).

Peterson has also been banned from working in the medical field and will not be selling vitamins and drugs for five years.

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Here is a sample of Mr. Peterson's video advertisements:

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