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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Orange County Sting Operation

Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange County police agencies believe that there is a group of criminals targeting shoppers of Apple stores. Once the customers go to their cars to drop off the items and continue shopping then the alleged thieves come in and break into the vehicles ( a violation of Penal Code section 459-460). A sting operation was conducted in Mission Viejo in Orange County and three men from Los Angeles were apprehended. Each is being charged with 28 counts of second-degree burglary, grand theft (Penal Code Section 487), possession of burglary tools (Penal Code Section 466)-unlawful tampering with a vehicle. An undercover officer went into the Apple store and bought a printer then took it to his car and changed parking locations in order to shop at other stores. It was not described how long the deputy was followed by the suspects before he parked at another location. According to the Orange County Register, officials noticed a pattern of break-ins during the holiday shopping season. The same type of incidents has happened in L.A. and Ventura County and officials in San Bernardino are also being informed of the trend.

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