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Thursday, January 21, 2010


Huntington Beach bars and restaurants might have one more rule to adhere to: no Beer Pong allowed. According to the Orange County Register the city is considering banning the popular drinking game from being played at businesses with an alcohol license. The reason for the ban stems from a general attitude shared by council members and residents that it is necessary to control bad behavior by drunken customers of those very popular watering holes in Huntington Beach. Residents dislike discovering urine or vomit on their lawns; meanwhile the city has passed rules designed to "improve downtown's image". Those wanting to ban the game explain that a drinking game is not something a business establishment should promote since the city might be negatively affected. Yet the game is so popular there is a championship in Las Vegas and it has caused enough problems that Huntington Beach is not alone in having issues with the drinking game. In New Jersey one city has already passed a law prohibiting Beer Pong and there was a Time Magazine article on the subject of banning the ping pong based alcohol-drinking game. Some Beer Pong participates might find themselves charged with a violation of Penal Code Section 647(f) (Drunk and Disorderly). Commonly, police will stop individuals who appear drunk, usually while they are walking and conduct field sobriety tests at the scene. The tests determine whether they are a risk to themselves and/or others. If so, they can be arrested and face fines and fees as well as a maximum of 90 days in jail. A skillful attorney can get the court to allow first time offenders to take a class and get the case dismissed.

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Enjoy a TIME Magazine Video, August 13, 2009, "Beer Pong Strikes Back"

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  1. I saw on the news that Huntington Beach moved forward with their new ordinance on Tuesday, January 27. You can see the article here:,0,1152131.story Very interesting.