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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Laws for a New Year!

This New Year's brings new laws to the state of California. According to the OC register the fee for renewing a driver's license has gone up to $31. Other vehicle related regulations include video screens and interlock devices. A video screen can be placed in the front seat as long as the driver cannot actually see the screen. It is now possible for cities and counties to require a 30 day impound of a vehicle if a person used a vehicle when soliciting a prostitute. On July 1st the following counties will require those convicted of a DUI to install ignition interlock devices on every operated or owned vehicle in order to maintain their driver's license: Los Angeles, Sacramento, Alameda and Tulare.

Other laws that will go into affect:

AB 576- Agencies will be identified as "victims" of graffiti vandalism. This gives the agency eligibility to seek restitution from those convicted.

SB 492- Raises fines and jail time for registered gang members loitering near a school within 72 hours of being told to leave.

SB 135 chopping off a cow's tail is considered a misdemeanor and can only be done when medically relevant.

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