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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Guns also have a Fingerprint!

The Santa Ana Police Department(SAPD) is able to connect crimes and their perpetrators by using ballistic imaging. The equipment and training is provided by ATF, the Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosive. This system compiles ballistics images of firearm cartridges linked to crime scenes. After creating a digitalized image from a gun confiscated by SAPD that image is compared to previously collected crime scene evidence. The markings on a gun cartridge are made by one specific gun, similar to a fingerprint, linking that particular gun to other incidents where matching cartridges were found. There is always the possibility that the same gun was used in various incidents but it does not mean that the same person was responsible in all cases. Low level crime circles can easily sell a gun to get quick cash or simply let others use it for a short period of time. What is possible is that whoever had it at the time of confiscation might know something about previous owners creating a chain of connection between people and eventually leading to the perpetrator of the crime. The Law Offices of William W. Bruzzo has previous experience with ballistic comparisons in criminal cases.

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