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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

California Voters to Have Final Word on Pot Dispensaries

The discussion regarding legalizing marijuana and dispensaries in LA County continues to be in the spotlight. With the number of dispensaries growing in the county the debate of the impact of such establishments on the community is growing as well. There is the side that argues marijuana proves to be useful for managing medical conditions that involve pain. It has also been suggested that there is a significant amount of revenue the state could gain from legalizing pot (as well as a way to address the state fiscal crisis while not raising taxes). With more then four thousand signatures currently, a petition has been circling in order to add the issue to the November 2010 ballot. Federal policy has shifted for certain aspects of possession of a limited amount of marijuana, refocusing efforts on other fronts of the illegal drug trade instead. California voters could vote to allow local authorities like cities and counties to draft their own laws regarding medicinal marijuana. (See Health and Safety Code Section 11357(a, b), [H&S 11357(a), (b), Health and Safety Code Section 11358, [H&S 11358], Health and Safety Code Section 11360(a, b), [H&S 11360].

Here is KCAL9 News reporting recently on the Los Angeles City Council's decision to delay a medical marijuana dispensary vote until January 2010

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