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Monday, November 23, 2009

Orange County Police Officials Set Out To Enforce Curfew For Minors

Last week in various cities in Orange County police officials set out to enforce curfew for minors 13 to 17 years old. A teenager can be out after curfew if they are with a parent, guardian or are otherwise exempted. The reason for the curfew is to curtail teenagers from being out after hours and participating in illegal activities. In particular it was intended to reduce gang activity and crimes by minors. The current sweep was conducted at 10p.m. or 11p.m. depending on the city's ordinance. According to the Los Angeles Times, Orange County Edition "college-bound students, gang members, a 13-year-old on probation for kidnapping and more than one drunk[en] teenager" were some of those collected during the sweep. The teens were kept in a bus until their parents came to pick them up. The article adds that some parents were unaware that their children were out while others had been looking for their kids. An Orange County Deputy District Attorney and officials from the Orange County Probation Department met with the parents of the teenagers and showed them photos of victims killed late at night. Legal consequences were also discussed and counselors from Pepperdine University masters program in counseling were on hand to talk to parents and their kids.

Here is a news video provided by Garden Grove TV3

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