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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Home Confinement Versus Prison for a Hit and Run Violation

Success vs Failure, Home Confinement vs Prison
Every hit and run case will have a slightly different outcome for the accused. Seeking legal representation or not can mean the difference between home confinement versus prison for a hit and run violation. Today we bring you a new testimonial from our client accused of four felony counts and facing a five year prison sentence.

"I was charged with felony hit and run (Vehicle Code Section 20001(a)) and three additional counts of felony reckless driving (Vehicle Code 23105(a). [Maximum Prison time of 5 years] I was alleged to have driven in a reckless manner injuring my four passengers and then left the scene. The District Attorney initially wanted to send me to prison. I hired Attorney William Bruzzo to represent me in this matter as I know he is an excellent attorney who fights for his clients. Mr. Bruzzo fought very hard for me with the result that I got the felony hit and run (Vehicle Code Section 20001(a) DISMISSED; I pled guilty to one count of reckless driving (Vehicle Code Section 23105(a) and I was permitted to do my time on home confinement. This was a very good result and I am very grateful to Mr. Bruzzo. I would enthusiastically recommend him for any criminal matter." ~~ KA 11/13/2009

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