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Monday, November 30, 2009

California AB144 Handicap Placard Misuse

Misusing a California Handicap Parking Placard has always been punishable with a fine, but did you ever think about facing a $1000 fine and also being charged with petty theft? What many people forget is that not only does the California handicap placard allow you to park in convenient spots, you are also allowed to park free of charge. Imagine the revenue dollars that go uncollected via this mode of theft. On January 1, 2010, a new law will go into effect in California AB144 Handicap Placard Misuse, an act to amend Section 1465.6 of the Penal Code, and to amend Sections 22511.57 and 42001.13 of the Vehicle Code, relating to vehicles. Recently, the New York Times had an interesting article about AB144 "In California, a Fight Against Faux Disabilities and Fake Permits."

As January 1, 2010 approaches, we invite you to view an
Informational Video on Suspected Placard Abuse video and read a testimonial from one of our clients who was accused of misusing a stolen handicap placard.

"I was charged with Penal Code Sections 496 (Receiving Stolen Property) and 485 (Petty Theft of Lost Property). I was alleged to have received a stolen handicap parking placard and unlawfully appropriating it for my own use. I hired Attorney William W. Bruzzo to represent me in this matter. My most important concern was keeping my record clean as I am planning on becoming a teacher some day. After Mr. Bruzzo made several appearances in court without my being present, he was able to negotiate a dismissal with the District Attorney once I completed a class. I truly believe that without Mr. Bruzzo’s knowledge of the courts and the District Attorneys in Orange County I would not have had such a favorable result. I highly recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any Petty Theft or criminal matter." ~ RC, August 7, 2009

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