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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Orange County California Theft Case

Having the right lawyer can make a difference.  Here is a testimonial from someone charged with felony Grand Theft  who hired Will Bruzzo, an Orange County California criminal attorney.  His co-defendant went to jail.

I was accused of  felony conspiring to commit a crime (Penal Code Section 182(a)(1),  several counts of felony commercial burglary (Penal Code Section 459-460(b)) and felony Grand Theft (Penal Code Section 487). I was facing almost 6 years in prison. This incident resulted from the theft of $20,000.00 worth of property. I hired Will Bruzzo as my attorney because I was told by someone familiar with attorneys in Orange County that he is a very effective lawyer who gets good results. Mr. Bruzzo went right to work negotiating my case with the District Attorney and the Judge. Mr. Bruzzo argued my case with the DA and several judges. In the end Mr. Bruzzo was able to get all my charges REDUCED TO MISDEMEANORS and make me eligible to apply for home confinement.  My Co-defendant in the case pled guilty to a felony and was sentenced to jail. As such, I would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Bruzzo for any criminal matter.

_FE__                                                                          10/13/09

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